Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to Reality

Well, I am finally back from all my vacationing... for now! Ohio, was so much fun, spending time with my only girl cousins that are around my age is always something I Cherish, especially because they are the closest things to sisters I have. And after spending 2 weeks with them this Summer, I have decided (Zach doesn't get a say), that after Zach and I graduate, we will be making the move up to Ohio, to live closer to them. It isn't a selfish thing as much of you are thinking, because the airline business up-north is booming compared to down here, not to mention I miss not having all four seasons, and want my children to be able to enjoy it, and be able to grow up with there relatives. Zach, however has agreed and so has Kathy (which is in my moving disclosure, wherever I go, Kathy must move ALSO), so in a year and a half hopefully we will be making our move up North and be much closer to our both of our families.
While, I was in lovely Pleasantville (what I call the city where my cousins live, because well... it is pleasantville, where no one has cable and the "fun" thing to do is go out and play softball, which my cousins and aunt and uncle still in fact do). We tried on a ton of bridesmaids dresses, and... I tried on a couple of wedding dresses and fell head over heals in love with one, it was in this cute little wedding dress boutique, where my older cousin had gotten her wedding dress and my cousin who is engaged also bought her wedding dress from. So, maybe next summer when we go to Ohio for Laurens wedding, I will be engaged and can in fact also get my dress from this cute little boutique.

But, I am glad to be home, and continue on with reality, and prepare for my final year of college.

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