Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My disgusting roommate

Well, I bet you all are wondering whatever happened on the Fourth, Did Amanda ever come leave the house, so I could be social again?? YES!! She did in fact leave around 1 o'clock to go to the beach, I came out of my room and yuck! I hadn't noticed the night before because I was so into my sneaking around that the condition of our kitchen was Unlivable! what do I mean by that?? I mean my sloppy roommate Bailey, decided to have people over when no one was there, break a bottle of beer not clean it up,leave all dishes in sink, leave green beans that were in fact growing fuzzy things still on the pot on the stove, and half a eaten pizza covered in ants on the counter. Not to mention here in FL we have a thing called COCKROACHES that do in fact love beer, so there guest appearance in my kitchen was not in any fact surprising. I WAS LIVID, my first instinct was to call mom, I needed a sane woman to tell me that this in fact was disgusting, after that I went to work, bleaching everything (the floor, the counter, the trash can), anything to get the 1 inch layer of beer off the ground and the bugs as far from me as possible. So after I spent all of my fourth cleaning, I discovered a problem... Amanda was going to come back and notice that the apartment was a complete 180, so how was I going to explain that I didn't come home in time to go and get drunk at the beach with all my friends, cleaning fairy?? No, I text ed Amanda saying I was back and soon after received 10000 texts calling me "grandma" for staying and cleaning rather than having a "fun"time with them. But, I didn't care, because after my cleaning and after Zach got back from work, we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers,made my famous buffalo dip, took a long walk through the neighborhood and enjoyed spending my 4Th SOBER with the one person that I love.

Now on-to more important things, this coming Saturday is the man I loves birthday!! Now,if you have been keeping track, Sat we will be in Lake Norris for my family reunion, and with both Zach and Is crazy life, we decided to celebrate his birthday on Sun. Zach wrote all about it in his blog, so I wont go into crazy details, except the fact that Zach's dad came into town today and they are celebrating his birthday and then all of us are going to dinner tonight!! I can NOT wait. 3 Days until we leave for our 8 hour drive to Lake Norris!!

Oh my I almost forgot, I was so excited to find that our "on demand" has workouts on TV it is my NEW addiction, I did a little something called Cardioke last night, yes, it is what it sounds like Karaoke with Cardio. AMAZING. yet Zach and I were tired...ok...EXHAUSTED after just ten minutes. But it was so fun! Who said working out had to be a bad thing??

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