Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

Rain, Rain go away come again another day! 48 hours of thunderstorms and I am not amused. It may possibly be the fact that I am running on very few hours of sleep, due to the earthquakes that came in the form of thunder last night.
I don't truly mind rain, I actually find it quite comforting to have a day in my PJs and watch sappy movies. YET, the problem with today is... I have stuff to do. I have errands to run and a car across the driveway that I would have to run through the rain to get into. So, I am pretty cranky when writing this so please, don't hold it against me.

Today is my last day at home and I am sitting in the family room watching some very entertaining "lifetime movie". Now lifetime, tends to consume my life, with worries and paranoia but the movies I have been watching the first entitled "killer hair" and the second called "Hostile Makeover" has completely filled my life with some good ole quality entertainment. The intellectual movies I am watching are two movies based on a book series called "killer looks" or something like that, very good. Anyways, like I said I have stuff to do, I need to run to the mall to pick up some last minute things for Zachary for his birthday, then I have to go to Target, to pick up things for me! Anyone out there want to be paid to run my errands for me PUHLEASE!
I decided I have complained way way way too much, So I am going to type up some things I love:
-I love my cat curious
- I love my moms swarovski crystal necklace my grandma gave her, that I steal on occasion
- I love lifetime
- I love humus and the garlic pita chips that I eat it with
- Mmm. I really love Greek pasta salad
- actually... I love all Greek food!!
- I love my Vera Bradley bag
- I love my Jessica Simpson flower heals
- I love taking vacations (favorite being to Aruba for my 21st)
- I love my mom, who wakes me up every morning before the sun is up to say goodbye
- I love my boyfriend, who texts me soon after the sun is up to say good morning
- I love my Honda Civic 06 Hybrid, that I fill once a blue moon cause of its amazing gas mileage
- I love my blackberry storm, that is constantly glued to my hand
**Just a few things**
Hopefully it stops raining, so I can wear my cute little black dress, with my cute little black flats, and my moms swarovski crystal necklace and I can run my errands.. (I am not going to hold my breath.. I live in FL) Maybe, I will have better things to say later on

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