Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Young at heart

Do you remember the game MASH? of course you do!
It is that fun elementary school game, where you plot out your future by picking out 5 options for each category (i.e. husband,car,career,honeymoon,kids, pets, city you live, and of course MASH: which means are you going to live in a Mansion,Apartment,Shack, or House, then your friend says start and makes little dashes and depending on how many dashes you have down determine what your future holds) Well, I rediscovered this game on our what was supposed to be 9 hour drive (turned into 11 hour drive) back to Jacksonville. Poor Zach, drove as I nagged him about picking 5 different options for every category, of course when it came to wife, he stubbornly chose "katie, katie z, kaitlyn. kaitlyn marie, kaitlyn z" and to his surprise when it was my turn and my choices ranged from "zach...", and then 4 adorable celebrities that just popped into my head, randomly hehe. But I forgot how fun it is, and what great laughs it is. I found a website where you can actually play it, with the computer (boy, has technology come along way).
Point of this is... the littlest STUPIDEST things, can be so much fun! Stop take in a fresh of air, enjoy the moment and lighten up the mood with a pointless childhood game.

You never believe when your parents say:: enjoy this moment cause time flies when your having fun, and boy does it.. I still can't believe I am about to start my senior year of college and then I have to be a grown up.. I don't even know what I am going to do after a year.. ah! Time to play some childish games like shoots and laders and MASH, and enjoy my blast from the past.

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