Monday, June 29, 2009

To my Mommy

I was just showing my lovely mother my blog, and uh-oh... I had nothing about her in this! So I dedicated this to my mother-- my bestfriend, and my biggest cheerleader, I hope one day I can be half a good as mom as my mother!

One step closer to being Suzie Homemaker

I love more than anything to cook, it is a highlight to my day, when Zach is at work in Jacksonville and I start a new recipe (or old) that I know he will like, and count down the hours or minutes till he will be home to try it.

While I am at home, it was an honor for my mom to ask me to make my "famous" spaghetti casserole for my grandmothers birthday that we were hosting at my house in Tampa. Spaghetti casserole is amazing (also really bad for you) but not very easy to make. So, when I do decide to make it, everyone is very appreciative. So I made a new dip recipe I got from a friend for an appetizer and Spaghetti Casserole, salad, and garlic bread for dinner. IT WAS A HUGE HIT!

I can't wait to have my very own family, and be able to cook for them every day (even though I will probably not like it nearly as much as I do now).

But here are the recipes for enquiring minds::

first is the buffalo chicken dip:: (it says to have it with celery or crackers, but I love it with Tostitos Chips also, it says cook 40 min, I just cook 350 until cheese is melted and bubbling)

Next is the Spaghetti Casserole Recipe:: Conveniently I have found the EXACT recipes online, so it cuts out on a lot of typing on my part. If you have any questions call, but this is pretty simple to understand. Enjoy..

So if you are bored, and want to try new delicious things, go for it!!

On another note, I have self diagnosed me with ADD, (or something similar) I am very weird about things, such as:: (I am going to name just a few the gentlemen in my family have a tendency to do)

- Leave food out that they had meals earlier

- Leaving dishes in the sink, when the dishwasher is a foot away

- Leave the toilet seat up

- not properly close the chip bags, when put back into the pantry

- Interrupt

- Put empty bags//boxs of food BACK into the pantry

- pile high the garbage so when you go to take it out, trash falls out the top

just to name a few.. I pray my kids will be better behaved then that, if not I better learn to control myself, or the steam might start coming out of my head.

Good thing Zach is not anything like either (he knows better), the other night when we went out with some friends, we came back and my brothers had left all ingredients of Mac-n-cheese EVERYWHERE. I couldn't even see the counters, now I know when my mom came home she would have a cow! So of course I start screaming with annoyance. Anyways, point of the story is coming I swear.. My mom, grandma and I went to visit my great grandma (as blogged before) and I knew we would come home to a huge mess (Brad wanted to hand make Fettuchini Alfredo) but when we came home, the whole kitchen was spotless the trash had been taken out, Bailey (our dog) had been fed and taken out to go to the bathroom, all the counters had been wiped down. now I instantly thought:: oh the boys went out for dinner. but was shocked to discover that they did indeed make from scratch the fettuchini and Zach had cleaned the place spotless afterwards. boy is he great or what?

T-Minus:: 11 days until we go to Tennessee for our Family Reunion, so excited!!
and Zach got a haircut (Pictures from our Tampa visit, soon!!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Product of the 80's

I have always loved 80's music since I was very little, and I think it's because that's what my parents listened to when I was younger, so it stuck. I have always loved Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, BUT my absolute favorite singer, is Pat Benetar random I know! She had stopped touring when I was old enough to want to see her in concert, but continued to blast her music throughout the house. My junior year of high school, my dad and I went on a "father/daughter date" (something we used to do at least once a month) and SURPRISE, Pat Benetar had a comeback concert in TAMPA!!! So we sat 3rd row, of a unbelievably packed stadium (I was definitely the youngest one there). It was AMAZING, she was just as good as all of her CD's, and exactly lived up to my expectations. She only went on tour that one year it was her 25Th anniversary, well last night, was her 30th anniversary comeback tour, and again dad and daughter date, and again it was breath taking.

Fun Fact:: Pat Benetar, was the second music video ever on MTV

Some Songs you may know:: Love is a battlefield, Heartbreaker, Hell is for children, Hit me with your best shot, Shadows of the night..

Anyways, here it a clip so you can enjoy her music as much as I do! (I don't know how to upload them)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Old habits.. dont die fast

Today, Zach left and I decided what better way to spend a rainy day then go to the dentist (not, but Kathy made the appointment, so that's how my rotten day started, drilling away in my poor mouth). But anyways, I came home to my empty house and decided to watch a movie, so I scrolled through all of the "on demand" movies, and stumbled across "the boy in the striped pajamas" now for those of you that have not seen it, it is about a German boy (son of a head soldier) and a Jewish boy in a concentration camp, forming a friendship through the electric fence of the camp. Unfortunately, I am not naive enough to think that this kind of brutal racism doesn't still occur, yet its very very sad to think about. When I talked with Emily, we talked briefly about the prejudice that still occurs in the world. And it is very shocking to me, I feel like I want to stand at the mountain top and be the biggest advocate for it. This movie, is a very touching movie for those of you who can stand to watch the awful events that occurred back in the 1940's. I hope that everyone who reads this can look past the "color" of someone, or there religion or anything, the most important TRAIT of anyone is there insides and personality. Just on the news was a elderly gentlemen that shot people in the Holocaust museum, he was apart of a white supremacy group aka white naive ignorant people who have nothing better to do with there time then carry on some ridiculous habit that there great great ancestors started. Let me tell you, my grandfather, is no saint, not even close, and he still is prejudice against people.. HOWEVER, I am 21 years old, and I chose to follow my own beliefs, as did my parents and brothers and we believe in God, now God does not prejudice against anyone, all our his children.

I have been PRAISING this whole blog thing, since I have started, I have even tried convincing my closest friends and parents. Yet, they would rather read about my life then have people read about there very own. Yet, after much much begging, and the very fact that now Zach and I are in different areas, I have finally convinced Zach to get a blog.
Now why I wanted this... Zach and I lead very busy lives.. in fact we hardly see each other when we are both in the same place. It seems like our schedules are opposite, so now he can update it on his time and I can update mine on my time and we both know how each others days are going.. Or better yet its a good warning if one of us is having a bad day.
So, as Emily would say, sit back grab a cup of coffee and read all about Zachary Stephen Hosford, the good the bad and the ugly! Hopefully, this can give you both sides to the story and get a better understanding of our relationship and love for each other. So read all about it at..

Have a good night everyone!!

P.s. My amazing boyfriend, has just text me saying he was coming back to tampa, just to spend the next couple days with me before he has to go back to work on Monday. Boy, has God really blessed me. 8 hours driving in a 14 hour span.

P.S.S. after I watched Boy in the stripped pajamas, I watched Fire Proof, and I was obsessed what an amazing and touching movie, today was a good movie day! Go rent both of those, on your next rainy day.. you wont regret it

Thursday, June 25, 2009

To be young and BROKE...

Why is it I have absolutely NO money?
Being a college student really stinks, I wish I could, blink my eyes and be 5 years older, married, working, living in my very own house, with my very own pets. It is nice to dream!
Today, Zach and I went to the Jewelry Exchange, in Tampa, and I found my DREAM ring setting. None of you know, but my dream engagement ring, is a solitaire in the middle with a flower looking setting. Well, we found it, as I blinked my big eyelashes and had a big ole smile on my face. Zach dipped his hand into his pocket and NADA, nothing, zippo, no $, well at least not enough for the down payment, so as I had to tell the nice jeweler that we would be back and I took off my dream ring, and said a very sad goodbye to it. Sigh.. to be young and broke sucks! I wont lie, I have been pretty bummed about departing from my dream ring setting. But its not Zachs fault, well a little, he was just short of the downpayment after he spent his whole paycheck on food, gas, and alcoholic beverages. I guess everything happens for a reason. For some reason, God did not plan on me having that ring. Sigh.
I went to my great grandmothers assisted living for dinner, and it was AMAZING.. Assisted living is like a resort they had a four course meal and all these activities, needless to say.. I wanted to move in tomorrow. Yet, I am not old enough for that I was informed but, a girl can dream.
I think it is VERY sad that Farrah Fawcett died today, yet her death is a size 6 font at the very bottom of all the news websites, when Michael Jackson's death has taken over the whole page! Was Michael Jackson a good performer= Yes, was he a good person.. debatable. But since this is my blog, I am going to stress my opinion, I do not think that Michael Jackson is a good person, I think he overdosed on plastic surgery and I think should be in jail right this day, for his 2005 trial on molesting children. So, please pray for BOTH the families of Farrah and Michael, because it is hard losing a family member regardless of what other people think of them.
Adios for now Amigos!!
p.s. I re-read my post and realized I am not very innocent in the whole money saving thing, because my money is gone before it hits my wallet, I love my wine and my shopping sprees, so god only knows I couldn't afford a candy bar.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon divorces Kate and the 8

Yes, I am very biased of this situation. Last night, when Jon announced he and wife of ten years Kate were divorcing, I was "OK" with the situation.. UNTIL... Kate was clearly torn up about the situation I am pretty sure she said that it is "not what she wanted", and she doesn't want to be alone, as she chocked back tears.. Then they went back to Jon, as he said he was "excited" for this new phase in his life..

NOW A. If my husband of ten years was caught cheating on me, or acting in "inappropriate ways" then he would definitely be the one kissing my butt, because we would need extensive therapy to fix that and he may be running for his life, because my dad would be the real one he would have to face. Not to mention Jon is the one ANGRY with Katie, he isn't kissing any butt his solution to this problem (marriage) is to run away.

As a Christian women, completely against divorce and infidelity it took a lot for me to not want to jump straight through the television and ring his neck to regain some sense. Now I am not saying Kate is a saint (I don't even know the women), but like I said before I do know NO one deserves to be cheated on and then left.

As Emily said to me last night "what an awful example of a Christian marriage"

Off my soap box about them for now! Sorry to you all, that are reading me vent about strangers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Home, Home on the Range

Yesterday, I made the long 4 hour drive to Tampa, to see my daddy for Fathers Day and visit with the family for a week.

My dad, is an amazing HUGE hearted man, he is the typical big teddy bear and goes about the "you can have anything you want", type of dad. My dad has struggled with jobs, for the past couple years. He has owned the same company in Northern California called and has also had many other jobs with it. My dad gets bored with jobs, and even though he doesn't need anything more then his company in California, he always seems to pick up jobs, in the hopes of "saving" them, he finds companies who are in desperate need of his help and tries to rescue them. Yet, his self esteem is not real great because for the first time, the company he has put the most effort in, just filled for bankruptcy and unfortunately was un-savable. So, keep him in your prayers because he is really down on himself.

Home has been WONDERFUL, my parents greeted me with a bunch of different types of there favorite wine, and we had our own "wine tasting" in our very own home, and my new favorite (cheap) wine, is called "little black dress" it is a Chardonnay, and very very good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY IT, IT IS ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!

Zach is back in Jacksonville, working hard. I often feel very sad that he is so far from his parents, I couldn't imagine, not being able to see my parents for 6 months at a time. Let me tell you a little about Zach, he is also 21 years old and a aviation major, with his private pilots license and working on his commercial license. When he is not flying around Jacksonville on small private jets he works as a part time employee at "Zales" jewelry store. I can not wait for Zach to come visit me in Tampa tomorrow to Thur so we can be our goofy selves again. Its hard to be away from him, ya I need I sound extremely crazy, and clingy, but when you spend so much time with someone its hard to make that "goodnight call" or "good morning text".

I'm watching Millionaire Matchmaker (yes, I know you are judging me due to the extremely educational tv programs I always seem to watch) and its sickening how some people are, and how they generalize women so much. This one guy described that he wanted a blond in shape party girl, EXCUSE ME SIR.. what about her intelligence? what about her personality? I may just be angry because I am not blond, but truly I think it is sickening how that's the only thing a guy would say he was looking for.

So, for all of you fellow blogger that don't know about my family I am the middle child of 3, two brothers!! Now, I am very very close to my little brother Steven, and VERY not close to Brad the eldest brother. Steven, got caught with Rum under his bed yesterday, now I don't know who's side to take, Steven who is 18 and caught with alcohol and truly like my other half (I baby him so much, people could swear he was my own child) or my parents who I know only want the best for him and he is underage. I drank underage.. I am not a saint in any way. Yet, its scary when you get older and you know people who have gotten DUI's or in Drunk driving accidents, or even died from alcohol. However, I am NOT his parent, so my choice... STAY OUT OF IT!! that way everyone is not mad at me.

This blog is VERY boring, So Sorry. Home life is just not as exciting as college life.

Oh here is a small piece of drama... I get home in Tampa yesterday afternoon, and I got a new Credit card, so my mom gave it to me, and I go to put it in my wallet and LOW AND BEHOLD .. I left my wallet in Jacksonville. Yes.. I drove 4 hours with no drivers license.. I can not go anywhere now.. luckily with Zach coming to visit, he went to my apartment and grabbed it, So I will be out of house arrest as of tomorrow. :-)

Speaking of getting addicted to things, I am OBSESSED with Twilight (no judgments, I was completely against this Vampire, romeo and Juliet, until I saw it) then I read ALL four of the books in four days. My whole life seemed to be put to a halt. But they are really good, don't knock it, till you see it! and no... blogger people i do NOT believe in vampires.

Another strange addiction I have is BRIDE magazines, they are so fun to look at,all the different choices, I buy them religiously (I guess its better than tabloids a lot of people read). Every time I buy one, I always get aww.. are you getting married. Then I blush.. (blush as in, cheeks get watermelon red with embarrassment) and say "not yet". Oh lord, not to mention every time I bring one home, I am pretty sure Zach has a minor heart attack. hehe poor kid.

no.. I am not engaged, for all of you who don't know, Zach and I have had MANY talks about it, and realized it is best we wait until we graduate in May, to start that next chapter in our lives.

Even though, this blog kinda stinks, I hope you all enjoyed my pictures!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jersey People.. BEWARE

Oh My!! Well since my lovely friend Emily, made a whole blog about me, I thought I should start this one with a little shout out to her. Even though I think she is the only one reading this.
Emily, is one of those friends that once you talk with them, your whole day is better. I hung up the phone after going 4 years without talking to her yesterday and told everyone about her (my boyfriend, my roommate, and my mom). Do you ever have one of those friends that you feel blessed to have, well that's my Emily. She not only understands and loves my weird personality but we like she said in her blog understand each other, even when I don't think anyone could possibly understand there she is. Not to mention she is such a huge supporter and has never ending advice and love for everyone. The way she talks about her niece and nephew makes me wish that my brothers would have kids, so I could experience that (but any product of Brad or Steven wouldn't be a good thing, unless they married saints). So Emily since I know you will be reading this eventually I braided my hair last night to attempt to have your sisters hair and AH! never again, it was not successful not in the least bit.

Caution::: New Jersey lovers beware::
This is not really fair to say but I have always had something against New Jersey, now I don't know why it is, my two best friends are from NJ one is my roommate. But I think its there out there personalities and there threatening and always on the defense that really turns me away, and makes me think not so highly of them. Well I don't know if I'm wording this accordingly, I guess what I mean to say is they are not very rational. FOR INSTANCES:: my new addiction is Housewives of New Jersey, and first the crazy lady has a book about her a not so good history book about her may I add, and secondly the pretty brunette who is an amazing mother on the show, FLIPS the table. And the nephew says "hey if you haven't flipped a table, you ain't from Jersey." Now I watched this with my roommate, and she found this completely normal, I am pretty sure she compared these people to friends of hers and there parents. I think it must be in the water or something, but us southern people do not flip tables, in restaurants or in our own private homes for that matter.
P.s. if my roommate found out I "blogged" about her she would prob flip the table and go Jersey crazy on me, so lets keep it on the DL.
**Now I really can't run for office, none of Jersey would vote for me, I guess I am prejudice against Jersey.

So I had a personal dilemma today while I was nannying, CAUTION THIS IS GOING TO BE WAY TMI. I am on my period, or "time of month" and I underestimated my flow, now I started to panic due to my lack of supplies in my purse. So I rummaged through the lady I work withs bathroom searching high and low for a tampon. Thank goodness I found one. Yet when I called my mom with that dilemma she was ultimately disgusted that I had "stolen" a tampon from the lady I work with, and she said she prayed that the family didn't have a "nanny cam" yet I seriously don't think anything of it, and when I look back at it, I would have done it over again. WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO IN THAT CASE OF EMERGENCY??

Back to TV shows, I cried hysterically on the MTV show "hitched or ditched" the guys NEW JERSEY family did not want there 28 year old son to grow up, so they forbid him from marrying his long time girlfriend. He had convinced her that he was going to chose her, and they continue with the wedding plans, to only get to the alter where he tells her in front of everyone that he doesn't want to go through with it. HOW AWFUL.. again Jersey people. (ha ha this is all out of my weird sense of humor)

So the cat is out of the bag... Zach knows about my blog, he read it and officially thinks I am weirder than he thought. Today after work we went on a date day (a day we have once a week, to make time for each other during our busy schedules) and we went and saw "the proposal" it was SO cute. I cant even get over how cute it is. RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE.

I was re-reading this, and I feel like I am talking to myself, or that my thoughts had just written a blog, and am often very surprised at even what I say. If I didn't need therapy before I may now, "hey Katie, how are you?" "good how are you" "good sounds like we had a busy day" YA I definitely need to see someone. Ha Ha.

Every time I end this I think of something else I wanted to write about, so I may be back tonight, go see the PROPOSAL.

There goes my chance at President

Alright so once again, I have decided to further this whole blogging thing.

I think I may be the worlds worst babysitter, why you ask? Well, I arrived here at 8am and the people I nanny for got these super cool blocks that are all different sizes and shapes and you paint them together, well I saw this and my eyes got HUGE! so as soon as I put the kids down for there nap.. there I was, facing the blocks (the good angel told me to step away slowly and start the dishes, yet the bad angel said go for it.) So I dove in, ya real childish of me I know, but it was DEFINITELY worth it.

So I am going home TOMORROW, and though I am so excited there are a few very typical things that happen that I am not so excited about. For instances.. I know my mother has called the whole family (extended included) to come be at my house when I arrive (typical happens every time). The next is strange but routine for my mother, my dads mom will then give me a hug and tell me what a beautiful young lady I have grown into. THEN on CUE as if robotic, my mom chimes in "it doesn't matter what she looks like on the outside, but on the inside", ALRIGHT KATHY I am 21 years old, I know I need to have a good personality also, but let the grandma say her grandma line and let her be. I feel like I may have a slight problem with this, she has annoyed me the past 21 years about it, that when I have kids and people tell them they are pretty I am going to be like "ya they are aren't they, you tell them they are pretty". Ha Ha poor Kathy, always gets teased and I don't even think she realizes saying it anymore.

Do you ever feel like you are a mean person? ya me either. Yet my roommates always tell me that I am mean to my boyfriend, now let me tell you why they think this. I have ALWAYS been stubborn and a little bossy. But that was not something that came over night, it was how I was born, I am very opinionated, and if you do something I don't like I will tell you. So last night I was told that I was mean, because Zach had made some comment (a boy comment if you know what I mean, one that was not thoroughly thought out, just came out as if it had been the lines from some awful brain cell killing guy movie) and I rolled my eyes. Poor Zach, he is such an amazing guy but sometimes his testosterone takes over his mouth and pointless stuff just comes out. But he loves me all the same, I always say.. Zach knew who I am and who I have always been, and fell in love with those traits.

Now another issue I need to touch on just cause I can on this blog::: John and Kate plus 8, MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Yet I am bothered beyond belief when people talk to me about it and explain that Kate DESERVED to be cheated on, PLEASE... I am pretty sure I was speechless and blinked a whole lot, trying to process this deserving to be cheat on. In MY opinion, no one DESERVES to be cheated on, I don't care if they are the meanest person on this planet, if you don't like how your significant other treats you seek counseling OR get separated. I do NOT believe in cheating.

Anyways enough about my tangents, I think this blog is going to ruin any chance I've ever had of running for office, I know this will haunt me, and when I am running they are going to print out this exact entry and say I neglected the children by rushing them to bed so I could play with there toys, or that I emotionally abuse my boyfriend and definitely sexest with my making fun of guys. GRR oh well. I guess I will have to give up my president dreams or my blog, and well... this is way too much fun!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Everyone,
This is the first time I have ever even considered doing a blog. But after reading my long time friend Emilys, I thought what an amazing way to get things off your chest, and have your own diary, so to me I am going to treat this as a personal journal. Not a place to be judged but a place for me to write down my day to day problems and amazing things that occur.
A little recap on my life: I am 21 years old and live in Jacksonville FL where I am a student at Jacksonville University. I am a Marketing Major and can NOT wait to graduate this upcoming May.
My best friend is my mom, and I tell her everything and anything, though it becomes often tough because of our 4 hour distance for the past 3 years, I feel that distance has only made us appreciate our relationship more (Geez sounds like im dating her). Speaking of, after kissing many warty frogs I have finally found the guy I am going to marry. His name is Zach Hosford, and we met at college and have been dating the past year and a half. Its very strange the way you can just tell when you have met the "one" it was like nothing before, and I instantly knew. Ya, sounds very corny I agree, point of the story is that I have found the man I am going to marry and I wish our type of relationship on everyone and anyone.
I went to astronomy (my summer class) hungover, due to a out of control small get together at my apt that included way to much sangria. And now I am annoyed lying in my bed waiting anxiously for the guests that my roomate invited over that seem to have moved in for the past week, so my roomate (Jill) and I can get going on our astronomy project. But that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. So it looks as though I will be doing this project, which is truly not big deal, because I have unbelievable ADD and control problems so, if it isnt done to its fullest ability and the "best" then I will end up re-doing it anyways. But I am complaining an awful lot for my first ever blog. So on brighter news I am SO so SO excited to go home this coming Sunday, I havent seen my parents in 2 months and it is starting to make me home sick.
Do you know what I have been wondering? at what point do you age? for instance I think I look the exact same as when I was 16 yet 16 yearolds look at me and think that I am in my twentys. Isnt that weird, maybe because you look at yourself over and over and over again in the mirror, yet you can tell when you have gained the slightest amount of weight yet I can never tell that my actual face is maturing.
Right now, I live in a cute 3 story townhouse with my roomate Jill. Now these were supposed to be "temporary" plans for the summer, and I wanted to move into a cute little one bedroom right down the street. Yet, Kathy and Don think that living by myself is not a good idea, so they A-OKed Zach and I living together for my senior year, due to the fact that he is intending on proposing within the year. Yet, Zachs parents think differently, they think it is ok to live together once we are officially engaged. So until then, I guess I am homeless. Just Kidding, but I will be living in this very noisy never ending party that I call a home until then. So pray for me, and my never sleeping nights that lie ahead.
That is all for now, I need to start this stupid project