Friday, August 14, 2009

Gynecologist is a nice way to say AWKWARD

Yesterday, was my "annual" visit to the "women doctor".. YAY!

The OBGYN is so awkward, they ask you awkward questions, have you completely undress to a little paper vest and little paper covering for your belly down, as you wait in the freezing cold for 20 plus min, then when the Doctor finally walks in, she wants to have a full blown conversation with you as she is checking out your privates.. I DON'T THINK SO!

Luckily, everything came out good, no cervical cancer for me!

Michael Vick- Waste of Life

Good lord, what an annoying morning.. Steven just turned on Michael Vicks, first interview since he was convicted of killing/fighting dogs. He just said, and I quote "I have grown up, I now realize people care about there pets" WHAT THE HECK! What a waste of a human.

I feel very strongly, about few things in life, but animal cruelty I feel VERY strongly about. Michael Vick, should not be condoned for his awful behavior and be recruited by the Eagles for a 5.2 MILLION dollar contract.

He only served for 21 months and house arrest for 2 months.. wooo! what a punishment.

Send him into a cage, with his trained dogs and let him tear him apart just as he had.

But don't worry everyone, he now "cares" for animals, I hope he is NEVER allowed to own a pet again.

I hope Eagles fans, picket the crap outa those games, and make the Eagles realize what an AWFUL mistake they made by re-hiring him.


I woke up this morning and instead of being happy because mom and I are having date day #3, I am actually sad, now that it is Friday, tomorrow starts the weekend that I leave, boy, do the weeks fly by when I am at home.

But.. Today, mom and I are going to go and see "time travelers wife" while my dad is on a very important phone call that we needed to be absolutely silent for.. And, for anybody who knows me, knows that, that would be quite impossible, so we are going to see a chick flick! Which makes up for last nights "moment of bonding", we watched 48 hours of people being kidnapped and girls my age being raped and killed, needless to say, I am so scared I am still thinking about it. But, no nightmares due to the sleep talking that my mom did, which completely amused me, until bed, so I didn't even think about it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Date night with.. Mom!!

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to do a girls day, well more like late afternoon after she got out of work at 3. We ran some errands to Kohl's, and got Brad some really nice birthday presents (we are improving his style one holiday at a time), my mom also got me a REALLY cute Vera Wang dress that was on clearance. :-) Then we strolled next door, to "total wine" where we picked up some of our favorite Chardonnay "little black dress" and some of there in store special Cab and continued on with our mother, daughter adventure.

Then we went to this really cute Italian Bistro, that I had never been too and that my little brother Steven works at. After some wine, good food and not to mention my favorite "espresso martini" lots of mom/daughter talk we left, came home watched "the notebook" and drank some little black dress. After super swollen eyes, it was time to go to bed. ZZZ

That concluded, Mom and I's date afternoon and night!!
Tonight:: Mom/Mama/ Katie Date night!

Monday, August 10, 2009


For a very long time, I have been over the "lip gloss" phase, it is sticky, my hair always blows in it, and some how I manage to get it EVERYWHERE! So, I have wanted to find a lipstick that is dramatic and long lasting, so I went into Mac, they picked me out a gorgeous deep red color, and now... I am obsessed. I don't understand why I didn't try this in the first place, not to mention my lips look bigger, which.. who doesn't want that?

Home sweet...Clearwater

At home for the last time before school starts, I flew in this morning and my two lovely brothers picked me up from the airport. When I arrived, there was no Internet/ television/ or phone service, I felt as though I was back in pleasentville (Ohio). But my parents just signed up for Fios, and so far it is SO cool, but then again I am huge into technology so I would enjoy this a lot. All I know is you get a billion channels, Internet, and phone on one bill and my parents are paying less then the cable box alone was before. So, I'm off to play Sudoku on the TV and waiting anxiously for my mother to arrive from work, so we can have my FAVORITE SPAGHETTI! mm!!

Crackberry ADDICTION

I am huge on technology, I want the newest most hi-tech invention out there! This past Christmas, I got the blackberry storm and it is the best investment, Santa has ever invested in. I mean, I use my "crack-berry" constantly, it tells me the weather every morning in multiple destinations, my email, and any other application I so want it to have. Today I flew home, and while I was in the airport mr.crackberry made a weird noise, so I looked and my GENIUS phone had notified me that my flight had been moved to a different gate, before even the obnoxious loud speaker announced it. Anything you could possibly want, this phone has, I made video messages and sent them out to my relatives, in a TEXT message.
A new blackberry just came out, the "'tour" maybe I will have to check it out, but I don't see how anything could be better than this mini computer/phone/tv that I now own.