Thursday, July 23, 2009

NO ONE in the US should be going hungry

I truly don't understand how anyone could go hungry? Yet, I probably spend at least 80% of my money on food, whither it be groceries or going out to eat, all my money seems to fly out of my purse. Yet, yesterday I had an Epiphany, Zach, ultimate fast food junky, got so excited yesterday because it was Wed, now let me tell you at this point I have already think he has gone complete crazy, then he continues to tell me that Wednesday means... free roast beef sandwiches at Arbys! Now, I am no fast food craze like he is, but FREE MEANS FREE and that's money I would have spent on actual lunch. So we went for lunch and... dinner! And, I spent no money yesterday, then as I watched TV I saw Thursday is Free McDonald's coffee all day, and Tuesdays are free root beer floats at Sonic. Now maybe, if I take-up these nice offers, I will have lots of money to spend on lots of other things and MAYBE I can single handedly raise the suffering economy, by spending money, needless to say after all this free FAST food, I may need to spend that money on a personal trainer or Liposuction, but I had no clue that so many things were given away for free. I am going to eat that fast food, and enjoy every greasy bit of it, you only live once, and I know I don't want to be on my death bed wishing I had that FREE root beer float.

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