Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katie is short for.. Spontaneous

Yesterday, LATE afternoon (7sh) my mom called and we had a normal day to day chitty chat, and she was asking if I had gotten the itinerary she sent me (I am going home August 9Th), then she informs me that if I want to see my girl cousins who live in Ohio before the summer ends to let her know and she will book my flight. So me, realizing Summer= only 4 more weeks, 1 of which I will be at home so that leaves three. So I get on the phone with my cousins, (these are in fact the girl cousins that the middle one is getting married, and I am in her wedding) and they tell me they are going out of town next Friday, so that leaves TWO weeks. So, curiosity kills the cat and I am scouring the Internet for available options, and I came up with few and as if God had planned on me going, a 190 dollar ROUND TRIP flight comes available for... Tomorrow morning! So, having to take advantage of this great bargain, I am booked and ready to leave tomorrow morning until Wed. But in my defense, you couldn't even get a ticket to south Florida for 95$ each way, let alone Ohio, so it is definitely a sign. So, I will be spending my weekend trying on bridesmaid dresses (maybe even sneaking on the occasional wedding dress) not eating till 10 oclock at night, and running around like a chicken without a head (connett fast paced life style).
So, I am off to Pleasentville!!

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