Friday, August 14, 2009

Gynecologist is a nice way to say AWKWARD

Yesterday, was my "annual" visit to the "women doctor".. YAY!

The OBGYN is so awkward, they ask you awkward questions, have you completely undress to a little paper vest and little paper covering for your belly down, as you wait in the freezing cold for 20 plus min, then when the Doctor finally walks in, she wants to have a full blown conversation with you as she is checking out your privates.. I DON'T THINK SO!

Luckily, everything came out good, no cervical cancer for me!

Michael Vick- Waste of Life

Good lord, what an annoying morning.. Steven just turned on Michael Vicks, first interview since he was convicted of killing/fighting dogs. He just said, and I quote "I have grown up, I now realize people care about there pets" WHAT THE HECK! What a waste of a human.

I feel very strongly, about few things in life, but animal cruelty I feel VERY strongly about. Michael Vick, should not be condoned for his awful behavior and be recruited by the Eagles for a 5.2 MILLION dollar contract.

He only served for 21 months and house arrest for 2 months.. wooo! what a punishment.

Send him into a cage, with his trained dogs and let him tear him apart just as he had.

But don't worry everyone, he now "cares" for animals, I hope he is NEVER allowed to own a pet again.

I hope Eagles fans, picket the crap outa those games, and make the Eagles realize what an AWFUL mistake they made by re-hiring him.


I woke up this morning and instead of being happy because mom and I are having date day #3, I am actually sad, now that it is Friday, tomorrow starts the weekend that I leave, boy, do the weeks fly by when I am at home.

But.. Today, mom and I are going to go and see "time travelers wife" while my dad is on a very important phone call that we needed to be absolutely silent for.. And, for anybody who knows me, knows that, that would be quite impossible, so we are going to see a chick flick! Which makes up for last nights "moment of bonding", we watched 48 hours of people being kidnapped and girls my age being raped and killed, needless to say, I am so scared I am still thinking about it. But, no nightmares due to the sleep talking that my mom did, which completely amused me, until bed, so I didn't even think about it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Date night with.. Mom!!

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to do a girls day, well more like late afternoon after she got out of work at 3. We ran some errands to Kohl's, and got Brad some really nice birthday presents (we are improving his style one holiday at a time), my mom also got me a REALLY cute Vera Wang dress that was on clearance. :-) Then we strolled next door, to "total wine" where we picked up some of our favorite Chardonnay "little black dress" and some of there in store special Cab and continued on with our mother, daughter adventure.

Then we went to this really cute Italian Bistro, that I had never been too and that my little brother Steven works at. After some wine, good food and not to mention my favorite "espresso martini" lots of mom/daughter talk we left, came home watched "the notebook" and drank some little black dress. After super swollen eyes, it was time to go to bed. ZZZ

That concluded, Mom and I's date afternoon and night!!
Tonight:: Mom/Mama/ Katie Date night!

Monday, August 10, 2009


For a very long time, I have been over the "lip gloss" phase, it is sticky, my hair always blows in it, and some how I manage to get it EVERYWHERE! So, I have wanted to find a lipstick that is dramatic and long lasting, so I went into Mac, they picked me out a gorgeous deep red color, and now... I am obsessed. I don't understand why I didn't try this in the first place, not to mention my lips look bigger, which.. who doesn't want that?

Home sweet...Clearwater

At home for the last time before school starts, I flew in this morning and my two lovely brothers picked me up from the airport. When I arrived, there was no Internet/ television/ or phone service, I felt as though I was back in pleasentville (Ohio). But my parents just signed up for Fios, and so far it is SO cool, but then again I am huge into technology so I would enjoy this a lot. All I know is you get a billion channels, Internet, and phone on one bill and my parents are paying less then the cable box alone was before. So, I'm off to play Sudoku on the TV and waiting anxiously for my mother to arrive from work, so we can have my FAVORITE SPAGHETTI! mm!!

Crackberry ADDICTION

I am huge on technology, I want the newest most hi-tech invention out there! This past Christmas, I got the blackberry storm and it is the best investment, Santa has ever invested in. I mean, I use my "crack-berry" constantly, it tells me the weather every morning in multiple destinations, my email, and any other application I so want it to have. Today I flew home, and while I was in the airport mr.crackberry made a weird noise, so I looked and my GENIUS phone had notified me that my flight had been moved to a different gate, before even the obnoxious loud speaker announced it. Anything you could possibly want, this phone has, I made video messages and sent them out to my relatives, in a TEXT message.
A new blackberry just came out, the "'tour" maybe I will have to check it out, but I don't see how anything could be better than this mini computer/phone/tv that I now own.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bored.. can you tell

Post # 208 of the day, hehe I am babysitting and poor Clare is sound asleep, so while I have the time (which I do, until 1 am to be precise) I thought I would update my blog, since I haven't had much down time to do so.

I have a self diagnosed OCD problem which I have talked about before, Kathy and Zach call it up-tight I call it a problem. So, because I love my mother and my boyfriend I have really tried to be better at it, not let the little things bother me so much.

So my objective is to, let loose, or try too! I will let you know how that goes, today, on our running around on our adventures has been really good, nothing to really obsess about except Zach's driving, but that will NEVER change.

Shark Week

Sharks-- the reason I hate the beach (OK..not really, but definitely influences the reason, besides the sand that gets in unwanted places, who are we kidding sand gets EVERYWHERE)

But, Shark week, is something I remember as a little girl watching every summer with my Dad, I do not really know if it happened because it was tradition, rather than peer fascination on both our parts. But it is almost over, and I am kind of sad because it is my favorite TV time of the Summer. Now, I have to wait till next year. Until then, you will not see me at the beach, or at the lake (I found out this year on shark week, that bull sharks can swim in fresh water and have been found in lakes), but by the pool where I can see my feet and know that the only dangerous thing in this water, is urine!

Humane Society

The past couple of days Zach and I have had a lot of the day time off, and so we have decided we do not want to spend them cooped up in the apt with our eyes glued on the TV watching brainless shows, so we have made every day an "adventure". We have gone to stores and eaten at restaurant that we never have before, so from 11am to 5pm we have been off going store to store checking out the little hole in the walls that we never discovered in our town. Well today, one of our stops was the Jacksonville Humane Society, BIG MISTAKE, the helpless looks on the puppy and kitties faces as you walked by, broke my heart over and over again. I feel so awful for those poor animals, esp the older cats and older dogs who's owners have given them up, and they are 10 years old. Sigh.. which led to the rest of the day depression and begging of good ole dad to buy me my own apartment so I can rescue the older cats and dogs, he didn't think that was a valid reason to adopt. But if you can adopt, Adopt!!!


I am babysitting right now, little Clare she is only 6 months old and the cutest little thing ever. Now.. when I was in high school, babysitting a baby like this would have been a wonderful way of birth control, but when you babysit adorable baby's like this that when they cry it is even cute, you cant help but want your own. Shh.. Don't tell Kathy or Zach, I said that. But, I am not naive to think they are all your own personal dolls, and can wait.. a "couple" more years.

Bud Light Lime

I strongly dislike Beer, I always have, when I was a freshman in College and beer was the "cheap" drink, more specifically "Natural Light", I would dread drinking it, who would have thought a whole THREE years later, I have found a beer I love to drink, BUD LIGHT LIME, it is so yummy, does not have many calories and I do not feel like a complete alcoholic sitting here drinking it alone.. Well... I have not done that yet, but if I decide to, then... I wont feel so down on myself.

P.s. It is so good, my mom and grandma drink it.. hey.. that should be a campaign for it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food Poisoning

Now, knock on wood, I have never gotten food poisoning, but I have seen what it does to people and YEESH it is SCARY STUFF!! With Zach having this 24 hour bug, that the lovely Mexicans had not knowingly given to him, has caused for a lot of pain. With throwing up and constant visits to the bathroom, not to mention a girlfriend who is completely convinced he is dying, while she researches what he needs to do to stop some of the stomach pain (i.e. drink lots of water, staying hydrated) it really is an awful thing. Today, Zach text me at work asking for some pep to or Advil anything to help his stomach, now if any of you know Zach you know that he very rarely shows pain, so when he does admit to being in pain, it is very concerning. So hopefully, our night of rented movies and some 7up will help and tomorrow he will be back to his normal self.

Special Thanks to Nurse Kathy:: who talked to me all about what to do, and advice not to mention just talked to me 8 times today, just because I was bored and love talking to me mama. None the less, she loves Zach as much as I do, and also shows care and concern for his well being.

And Zach:: for putting up with my constant "are you sure we don't need to take you to the doctor", and whenever something is wrong he looks a certain way makes a certain face or ANYTHING, I always am saying "should we go to the doctors". I am the concerned girlfriend and definitely his at school mom, who makes sure he eats all his vegetables and eats healthy and drinks lots of fluids, and boy is that boy patient with me. He loves me for my weirdness my over baringness and my crazy concern that happens if he stubs a toe. But I secretly know that if it was me with the food poisoning, he would have taken me to the hospital in concern, he just wont admit it.

Awful,Horrible, No-good,date night

So, yesterday was Zach's first day off in a LONG time, (well, he gets one every week, but recently I have either been out of town on his day off or he has to work his second job). So after a long morning, we laid out at the pool and were discussing our plans for the evening,(now that we are both 21 our plans are endless, due to the amount of bars around here), yet, we decided we would rather spend the evening with Zach's fraternity brother, Jay Taylor who lives on Amelia Island (40 min from us), so after a lot of miscommunication and lack of communication the plan was finally set that we would all meet for dinner around 8. So we get to Amelia Island and Jay Taylor and Joe also one of Zach frat brothers, bring along two girls, so we now are taking two cars too dinner, no big deal I was expecting that, Zach and I find a parking spot first and go on in, 45 MINUTE wait inside and sit right away outside, so being it was 8 o'clock and we were starving we opted outside, 15 min later...still no friends, I look at my phone and see 2 missed calls and a text message, Jay hadn't realized we got there first put his name down for inside and went to the bar down the street. So he finally gets there, we get 5 of the 6 orders in and it starts pouring, UGH, so we bring our chips (we were at a Mexican restaurant) and waters, and cram inside only to find that they have tables upstairs for this exact reason, so we go upstairs and our waiter seems to have forgotten us, well... forgotten Zach since Zach was the last to order, or should I say not order. We get all our drinks and Zach puts in his order... 10 min later still no corona 15 min later still no corona, we remind him and still no corona, so now we have got our food, he did in fact get those all straight, and I have finished my beer and ready for beer two and poor Zach,is still drink less, finally after we have finished eating the corona appeared, with the check (jaw dropped) we had split it Zach and I on our own check and the other 4 on one, and our STUPID waiter didn't do it right, so my bill was much more expensive then I had planned, so I was peeved about that, I have recently learned that money does not in fact grow on trees. Needless to say, we didn't get outta dinner until 10:00 pm and it is a 40 min drive home, and his friends were thinking they weren't going to go out just drink at his apt, so after much "discussion", more like "persuasion", we decided to make the hike back to Jacksonville before it got to late. So, I go to transfer money from savings into checking, and there it is, right on my blackberry screen, the STUPID waiter charged me not only for our bill, but for the WHOLE bill, yes, I had TWO transactions totaling over 200 dollars. So of course I call, and understanding foreign people on the phone is damn near impossible, so we turn around and have to go ALL the way back. (Now at this point in the night.. I am so stressed, I have tears in my eyes, dreading the walk BACK into the restaurant to complain, (I am just not that person who does that), so we get there and talk to the bartender and repetitively explain (not to mention the worst part is I tipped, 10% which i never do, I always do 20 but I was so annoyed at the total cost and our service that I wasn't giving him a penny more than needed), so as I am explaining there is my pathetic tip being repeated to me, grr embarrassed. So finally, it is all clear, phew!!!! The night was over I was winding down from being all stressed out, a smile even crossed my face again (after Kathy, so lectured me on going with the flow or whatever nagging attempt to change my self diagnosed OCD ways were). Around 3am, I was awoken to a weird noise... and there was POOR Zach, hunched over the toilet throwing up, with FOOD POISONING!!
Moral of the story, the restaurant stunk and I never want to go there again!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I HATE moving!!

I feel like every.. 5months I am packing my life up again and, wait.. I DO!! All in the same city I move, from dorm to home at Christmas then home back to dorm then dorm to apartment over summer now back to dorm. It is annoying, but I guess it has really made me flexible and learn what I do use and do NOT use. Today and yesterday, I will be helping Zach move from his apt to my apt and to storage until Aug 21st where he can move from my apt to his dorm.

It helps that I have moved around so much when I was little, but still... Annoying!! Hopefully, Zach and I get a place before second semester and it will be our last move for a while. No more, in and out and time lines! grr.. Off to helping I go