Saturday, August 1, 2009

I HATE moving!!

I feel like every.. 5months I am packing my life up again and, wait.. I DO!! All in the same city I move, from dorm to home at Christmas then home back to dorm then dorm to apartment over summer now back to dorm. It is annoying, but I guess it has really made me flexible and learn what I do use and do NOT use. Today and yesterday, I will be helping Zach move from his apt to my apt and to storage until Aug 21st where he can move from my apt to his dorm.

It helps that I have moved around so much when I was little, but still... Annoying!! Hopefully, Zach and I get a place before second semester and it will be our last move for a while. No more, in and out and time lines! grr.. Off to helping I go

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