Saturday, July 4, 2009

My NOT so good Idea.

Do you ever do things, that after you do them you think "wow, you are strange"? Well yesterday I did, in fact I had a whole night of thinking that..

Let me start from the beginning...
Yesterday afternoon I decided the time had come, to come back to Jacksonville. I was so excited cause both my roommates were out of town, so I could just lounge around and be completely lazy and not pressured to be social. WELL....I was half way to Jacksonville when my blackberry went off, it was my roommate Jill who is back in NJ for the summer. She informs me that she is letting a close friend of ours stay at our apt this weekend in her room.
Now before you all think, I am a bitch (pardon my language) let me explain, that when this certain friend is here, all she wants to do is party (which is fine) but a par tier needs a friend (PROBLEM!!) I am not in the mood to party and go out every night till 2am and get hit on by disgusting over the age of 30 guys. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed, I knew I'd be pressured into going out and when I said
no as I knew I would cause I didn't want to go out I'd be labeled "grandma".
So I called Zach and I'm venting about my problems and wishing I had staid in Tampa after all, he invites me to stay at his place (an idea, but I hadn't slept in my own bed in two weeks). So him and I go on our weekly date night and I am mopping around, like a child who's mom said she couldn't have two candy bars. I came up with an idea! I was going to park very far away from my apartment and then BARRICADE myself in my room, and pretend I had staid in Tampa for the night. And that I did, I casually text her around 8pm to see if she was on her way yet, and told her I had staid in Tampa so she'd be alone. When she responded she just left and would be there at 11pm I put my plan into action. I went pee 1000 times and locked myself in my room around 10:45pm, AND IT WORKED.
SMALL PROBLEM THOUGH::: She is supposed to be meeting all of our other friends at the beach for a full day of drinking, so I thought "she'd definitely get up early, shower and meet them down there before the beach got crowded", but its 11:30am,on the 4Th of July, and I am still locked in my room and she her car has still not left the driveway..I am going stir crazy, I want to lay by the pool and relax and now it is a waiting game..
Amanda it is the FOURTH OF JULY,LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!!

moral of the story:: I need my own place ASAP

Happy Fourth Everyone!!

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  1. you crack me up! It was a good plan in theory...