Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Piece Bathing suits

I am supposed to be back in Jacksonville I know, that's what I had told the whole blogging world... but I lied.

I decided that I spend 320 days in Jacksonville a year, compared to my house. So, when the lady I babysat told me that I didn't need to babysit due to now, BOTH little girls having ear infections... I decided to stay!! Even though I do indeed miss Zach terribly, I decided that spending that quality time with my parents, was much needed.

So.. on my list of errands that I have been postponing for a week was to go to "Target", why would I delay that wonderful store, that I would go to DAILY, is because I have ZERO money, and I needed to buy Zach a few things. Now buying things for others is fun (don't get me wrong) but its a huge tease to walk past those cute dresses and NOT be able to get anything.
Anyways, today I went, with good reason::: I needed a one piece bathing suit (we are going to Norris Lake in TN for our family reunion, and spend the whole time water skiing or tubing, water sports, and two years ago when we went my bottoms had a couple of close calls during water sports). So, I browsed around and found at least 6 one pieces that would do... I trailed over to the dressing room, thinking for sure I was going to be in trouble for buying so many of them. I get in the dressing room and start trying them on and wow!! I will never ever, wear a one piece, My boobs are too big and it made me seem much heavier then I actually am. Needless to say, I decided losing my bottoms was a much better option then looking 10 lbs heavier then need me. However, I did spend my babysitting money and got two dresses that looked SO much cuter than a stupid, one piece, piece of crap!

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  1. I agree. I hate one pieces with a passion!! They disguise themselves as suits that flatter eveyone, yet they flatten your butt, make your legs look huge, and do weird things in the boobage area. One pieces are a big fat NO!! I'd rather go nude thank you very much! :-)