Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food Poisoning

Now, knock on wood, I have never gotten food poisoning, but I have seen what it does to people and YEESH it is SCARY STUFF!! With Zach having this 24 hour bug, that the lovely Mexicans had not knowingly given to him, has caused for a lot of pain. With throwing up and constant visits to the bathroom, not to mention a girlfriend who is completely convinced he is dying, while she researches what he needs to do to stop some of the stomach pain (i.e. drink lots of water, staying hydrated) it really is an awful thing. Today, Zach text me at work asking for some pep to or Advil anything to help his stomach, now if any of you know Zach you know that he very rarely shows pain, so when he does admit to being in pain, it is very concerning. So hopefully, our night of rented movies and some 7up will help and tomorrow he will be back to his normal self.

Special Thanks to Nurse Kathy:: who talked to me all about what to do, and advice not to mention just talked to me 8 times today, just because I was bored and love talking to me mama. None the less, she loves Zach as much as I do, and also shows care and concern for his well being.

And Zach:: for putting up with my constant "are you sure we don't need to take you to the doctor", and whenever something is wrong he looks a certain way makes a certain face or ANYTHING, I always am saying "should we go to the doctors". I am the concerned girlfriend and definitely his at school mom, who makes sure he eats all his vegetables and eats healthy and drinks lots of fluids, and boy is that boy patient with me. He loves me for my weirdness my over baringness and my crazy concern that happens if he stubs a toe. But I secretly know that if it was me with the food poisoning, he would have taken me to the hospital in concern, he just wont admit it.

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