Sunday, August 2, 2009

Awful,Horrible, No-good,date night

So, yesterday was Zach's first day off in a LONG time, (well, he gets one every week, but recently I have either been out of town on his day off or he has to work his second job). So after a long morning, we laid out at the pool and were discussing our plans for the evening,(now that we are both 21 our plans are endless, due to the amount of bars around here), yet, we decided we would rather spend the evening with Zach's fraternity brother, Jay Taylor who lives on Amelia Island (40 min from us), so after a lot of miscommunication and lack of communication the plan was finally set that we would all meet for dinner around 8. So we get to Amelia Island and Jay Taylor and Joe also one of Zach frat brothers, bring along two girls, so we now are taking two cars too dinner, no big deal I was expecting that, Zach and I find a parking spot first and go on in, 45 MINUTE wait inside and sit right away outside, so being it was 8 o'clock and we were starving we opted outside, 15 min later...still no friends, I look at my phone and see 2 missed calls and a text message, Jay hadn't realized we got there first put his name down for inside and went to the bar down the street. So he finally gets there, we get 5 of the 6 orders in and it starts pouring, UGH, so we bring our chips (we were at a Mexican restaurant) and waters, and cram inside only to find that they have tables upstairs for this exact reason, so we go upstairs and our waiter seems to have forgotten us, well... forgotten Zach since Zach was the last to order, or should I say not order. We get all our drinks and Zach puts in his order... 10 min later still no corona 15 min later still no corona, we remind him and still no corona, so now we have got our food, he did in fact get those all straight, and I have finished my beer and ready for beer two and poor Zach,is still drink less, finally after we have finished eating the corona appeared, with the check (jaw dropped) we had split it Zach and I on our own check and the other 4 on one, and our STUPID waiter didn't do it right, so my bill was much more expensive then I had planned, so I was peeved about that, I have recently learned that money does not in fact grow on trees. Needless to say, we didn't get outta dinner until 10:00 pm and it is a 40 min drive home, and his friends were thinking they weren't going to go out just drink at his apt, so after much "discussion", more like "persuasion", we decided to make the hike back to Jacksonville before it got to late. So, I go to transfer money from savings into checking, and there it is, right on my blackberry screen, the STUPID waiter charged me not only for our bill, but for the WHOLE bill, yes, I had TWO transactions totaling over 200 dollars. So of course I call, and understanding foreign people on the phone is damn near impossible, so we turn around and have to go ALL the way back. (Now at this point in the night.. I am so stressed, I have tears in my eyes, dreading the walk BACK into the restaurant to complain, (I am just not that person who does that), so we get there and talk to the bartender and repetitively explain (not to mention the worst part is I tipped, 10% which i never do, I always do 20 but I was so annoyed at the total cost and our service that I wasn't giving him a penny more than needed), so as I am explaining there is my pathetic tip being repeated to me, grr embarrassed. So finally, it is all clear, phew!!!! The night was over I was winding down from being all stressed out, a smile even crossed my face again (after Kathy, so lectured me on going with the flow or whatever nagging attempt to change my self diagnosed OCD ways were). Around 3am, I was awoken to a weird noise... and there was POOR Zach, hunched over the toilet throwing up, with FOOD POISONING!!
Moral of the story, the restaurant stunk and I never want to go there again!

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