Friday, August 7, 2009

Humane Society

The past couple of days Zach and I have had a lot of the day time off, and so we have decided we do not want to spend them cooped up in the apt with our eyes glued on the TV watching brainless shows, so we have made every day an "adventure". We have gone to stores and eaten at restaurant that we never have before, so from 11am to 5pm we have been off going store to store checking out the little hole in the walls that we never discovered in our town. Well today, one of our stops was the Jacksonville Humane Society, BIG MISTAKE, the helpless looks on the puppy and kitties faces as you walked by, broke my heart over and over again. I feel so awful for those poor animals, esp the older cats and older dogs who's owners have given them up, and they are 10 years old. Sigh.. which led to the rest of the day depression and begging of good ole dad to buy me my own apartment so I can rescue the older cats and dogs, he didn't think that was a valid reason to adopt. But if you can adopt, Adopt!!!

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