Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick- Waste of Life

Good lord, what an annoying morning.. Steven just turned on Michael Vicks, first interview since he was convicted of killing/fighting dogs. He just said, and I quote "I have grown up, I now realize people care about there pets" WHAT THE HECK! What a waste of a human.

I feel very strongly, about few things in life, but animal cruelty I feel VERY strongly about. Michael Vick, should not be condoned for his awful behavior and be recruited by the Eagles for a 5.2 MILLION dollar contract.

He only served for 21 months and house arrest for 2 months.. wooo! what a punishment.

Send him into a cage, with his trained dogs and let him tear him apart just as he had.

But don't worry everyone, he now "cares" for animals, I hope he is NEVER allowed to own a pet again.

I hope Eagles fans, picket the crap outa those games, and make the Eagles realize what an AWFUL mistake they made by re-hiring him.

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