Friday, August 7, 2009

Shark Week

Sharks-- the reason I hate the beach (OK..not really, but definitely influences the reason, besides the sand that gets in unwanted places, who are we kidding sand gets EVERYWHERE)

But, Shark week, is something I remember as a little girl watching every summer with my Dad, I do not really know if it happened because it was tradition, rather than peer fascination on both our parts. But it is almost over, and I am kind of sad because it is my favorite TV time of the Summer. Now, I have to wait till next year. Until then, you will not see me at the beach, or at the lake (I found out this year on shark week, that bull sharks can swim in fresh water and have been found in lakes), but by the pool where I can see my feet and know that the only dangerous thing in this water, is urine!

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