Monday, August 10, 2009

Crackberry ADDICTION

I am huge on technology, I want the newest most hi-tech invention out there! This past Christmas, I got the blackberry storm and it is the best investment, Santa has ever invested in. I mean, I use my "crack-berry" constantly, it tells me the weather every morning in multiple destinations, my email, and any other application I so want it to have. Today I flew home, and while I was in the airport mr.crackberry made a weird noise, so I looked and my GENIUS phone had notified me that my flight had been moved to a different gate, before even the obnoxious loud speaker announced it. Anything you could possibly want, this phone has, I made video messages and sent them out to my relatives, in a TEXT message.
A new blackberry just came out, the "'tour" maybe I will have to check it out, but I don't see how anything could be better than this mini computer/phone/tv that I now own.

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