Thursday, June 25, 2009

To be young and BROKE...

Why is it I have absolutely NO money?
Being a college student really stinks, I wish I could, blink my eyes and be 5 years older, married, working, living in my very own house, with my very own pets. It is nice to dream!
Today, Zach and I went to the Jewelry Exchange, in Tampa, and I found my DREAM ring setting. None of you know, but my dream engagement ring, is a solitaire in the middle with a flower looking setting. Well, we found it, as I blinked my big eyelashes and had a big ole smile on my face. Zach dipped his hand into his pocket and NADA, nothing, zippo, no $, well at least not enough for the down payment, so as I had to tell the nice jeweler that we would be back and I took off my dream ring, and said a very sad goodbye to it. Sigh.. to be young and broke sucks! I wont lie, I have been pretty bummed about departing from my dream ring setting. But its not Zachs fault, well a little, he was just short of the downpayment after he spent his whole paycheck on food, gas, and alcoholic beverages. I guess everything happens for a reason. For some reason, God did not plan on me having that ring. Sigh.
I went to my great grandmothers assisted living for dinner, and it was AMAZING.. Assisted living is like a resort they had a four course meal and all these activities, needless to say.. I wanted to move in tomorrow. Yet, I am not old enough for that I was informed but, a girl can dream.
I think it is VERY sad that Farrah Fawcett died today, yet her death is a size 6 font at the very bottom of all the news websites, when Michael Jackson's death has taken over the whole page! Was Michael Jackson a good performer= Yes, was he a good person.. debatable. But since this is my blog, I am going to stress my opinion, I do not think that Michael Jackson is a good person, I think he overdosed on plastic surgery and I think should be in jail right this day, for his 2005 trial on molesting children. So, please pray for BOTH the families of Farrah and Michael, because it is hard losing a family member regardless of what other people think of them.
Adios for now Amigos!!
p.s. I re-read my post and realized I am not very innocent in the whole money saving thing, because my money is gone before it hits my wallet, I love my wine and my shopping sprees, so god only knows I couldn't afford a candy bar.

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