Monday, June 22, 2009

Home, Home on the Range

Yesterday, I made the long 4 hour drive to Tampa, to see my daddy for Fathers Day and visit with the family for a week.

My dad, is an amazing HUGE hearted man, he is the typical big teddy bear and goes about the "you can have anything you want", type of dad. My dad has struggled with jobs, for the past couple years. He has owned the same company in Northern California called and has also had many other jobs with it. My dad gets bored with jobs, and even though he doesn't need anything more then his company in California, he always seems to pick up jobs, in the hopes of "saving" them, he finds companies who are in desperate need of his help and tries to rescue them. Yet, his self esteem is not real great because for the first time, the company he has put the most effort in, just filled for bankruptcy and unfortunately was un-savable. So, keep him in your prayers because he is really down on himself.

Home has been WONDERFUL, my parents greeted me with a bunch of different types of there favorite wine, and we had our own "wine tasting" in our very own home, and my new favorite (cheap) wine, is called "little black dress" it is a Chardonnay, and very very good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY IT, IT IS ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!

Zach is back in Jacksonville, working hard. I often feel very sad that he is so far from his parents, I couldn't imagine, not being able to see my parents for 6 months at a time. Let me tell you a little about Zach, he is also 21 years old and a aviation major, with his private pilots license and working on his commercial license. When he is not flying around Jacksonville on small private jets he works as a part time employee at "Zales" jewelry store. I can not wait for Zach to come visit me in Tampa tomorrow to Thur so we can be our goofy selves again. Its hard to be away from him, ya I need I sound extremely crazy, and clingy, but when you spend so much time with someone its hard to make that "goodnight call" or "good morning text".

I'm watching Millionaire Matchmaker (yes, I know you are judging me due to the extremely educational tv programs I always seem to watch) and its sickening how some people are, and how they generalize women so much. This one guy described that he wanted a blond in shape party girl, EXCUSE ME SIR.. what about her intelligence? what about her personality? I may just be angry because I am not blond, but truly I think it is sickening how that's the only thing a guy would say he was looking for.

So, for all of you fellow blogger that don't know about my family I am the middle child of 3, two brothers!! Now, I am very very close to my little brother Steven, and VERY not close to Brad the eldest brother. Steven, got caught with Rum under his bed yesterday, now I don't know who's side to take, Steven who is 18 and caught with alcohol and truly like my other half (I baby him so much, people could swear he was my own child) or my parents who I know only want the best for him and he is underage. I drank underage.. I am not a saint in any way. Yet, its scary when you get older and you know people who have gotten DUI's or in Drunk driving accidents, or even died from alcohol. However, I am NOT his parent, so my choice... STAY OUT OF IT!! that way everyone is not mad at me.

This blog is VERY boring, So Sorry. Home life is just not as exciting as college life.

Oh here is a small piece of drama... I get home in Tampa yesterday afternoon, and I got a new Credit card, so my mom gave it to me, and I go to put it in my wallet and LOW AND BEHOLD .. I left my wallet in Jacksonville. Yes.. I drove 4 hours with no drivers license.. I can not go anywhere now.. luckily with Zach coming to visit, he went to my apartment and grabbed it, So I will be out of house arrest as of tomorrow. :-)

Speaking of getting addicted to things, I am OBSESSED with Twilight (no judgments, I was completely against this Vampire, romeo and Juliet, until I saw it) then I read ALL four of the books in four days. My whole life seemed to be put to a halt. But they are really good, don't knock it, till you see it! and no... blogger people i do NOT believe in vampires.

Another strange addiction I have is BRIDE magazines, they are so fun to look at,all the different choices, I buy them religiously (I guess its better than tabloids a lot of people read). Every time I buy one, I always get aww.. are you getting married. Then I blush.. (blush as in, cheeks get watermelon red with embarrassment) and say "not yet". Oh lord, not to mention every time I bring one home, I am pretty sure Zach has a minor heart attack. hehe poor kid.

no.. I am not engaged, for all of you who don't know, Zach and I have had MANY talks about it, and realized it is best we wait until we graduate in May, to start that next chapter in our lives.

Even though, this blog kinda stinks, I hope you all enjoyed my pictures!!

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  1. Wow Katie Im glad that you have such good things to say about your family and me!! You are such a sweet heart and you make it so much easier to be away from my parents.. especially because you keep me inline.. Im really excited for your family reunion in a couple weeks!! Reading what you writes makes me smile everytime because you are a very funny person!! :-) I love you!!