Monday, June 29, 2009

One step closer to being Suzie Homemaker

I love more than anything to cook, it is a highlight to my day, when Zach is at work in Jacksonville and I start a new recipe (or old) that I know he will like, and count down the hours or minutes till he will be home to try it.

While I am at home, it was an honor for my mom to ask me to make my "famous" spaghetti casserole for my grandmothers birthday that we were hosting at my house in Tampa. Spaghetti casserole is amazing (also really bad for you) but not very easy to make. So, when I do decide to make it, everyone is very appreciative. So I made a new dip recipe I got from a friend for an appetizer and Spaghetti Casserole, salad, and garlic bread for dinner. IT WAS A HUGE HIT!

I can't wait to have my very own family, and be able to cook for them every day (even though I will probably not like it nearly as much as I do now).

But here are the recipes for enquiring minds::

first is the buffalo chicken dip:: (it says to have it with celery or crackers, but I love it with Tostitos Chips also, it says cook 40 min, I just cook 350 until cheese is melted and bubbling)

Next is the Spaghetti Casserole Recipe:: Conveniently I have found the EXACT recipes online, so it cuts out on a lot of typing on my part. If you have any questions call, but this is pretty simple to understand. Enjoy..

So if you are bored, and want to try new delicious things, go for it!!

On another note, I have self diagnosed me with ADD, (or something similar) I am very weird about things, such as:: (I am going to name just a few the gentlemen in my family have a tendency to do)

- Leave food out that they had meals earlier

- Leaving dishes in the sink, when the dishwasher is a foot away

- Leave the toilet seat up

- not properly close the chip bags, when put back into the pantry

- Interrupt

- Put empty bags//boxs of food BACK into the pantry

- pile high the garbage so when you go to take it out, trash falls out the top

just to name a few.. I pray my kids will be better behaved then that, if not I better learn to control myself, or the steam might start coming out of my head.

Good thing Zach is not anything like either (he knows better), the other night when we went out with some friends, we came back and my brothers had left all ingredients of Mac-n-cheese EVERYWHERE. I couldn't even see the counters, now I know when my mom came home she would have a cow! So of course I start screaming with annoyance. Anyways, point of the story is coming I swear.. My mom, grandma and I went to visit my great grandma (as blogged before) and I knew we would come home to a huge mess (Brad wanted to hand make Fettuchini Alfredo) but when we came home, the whole kitchen was spotless the trash had been taken out, Bailey (our dog) had been fed and taken out to go to the bathroom, all the counters had been wiped down. now I instantly thought:: oh the boys went out for dinner. but was shocked to discover that they did indeed make from scratch the fettuchini and Zach had cleaned the place spotless afterwards. boy is he great or what?

T-Minus:: 11 days until we go to Tennessee for our Family Reunion, so excited!!
and Zach got a haircut (Pictures from our Tampa visit, soon!!)

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