Saturday, June 20, 2009

There goes my chance at President

Alright so once again, I have decided to further this whole blogging thing.

I think I may be the worlds worst babysitter, why you ask? Well, I arrived here at 8am and the people I nanny for got these super cool blocks that are all different sizes and shapes and you paint them together, well I saw this and my eyes got HUGE! so as soon as I put the kids down for there nap.. there I was, facing the blocks (the good angel told me to step away slowly and start the dishes, yet the bad angel said go for it.) So I dove in, ya real childish of me I know, but it was DEFINITELY worth it.

So I am going home TOMORROW, and though I am so excited there are a few very typical things that happen that I am not so excited about. For instances.. I know my mother has called the whole family (extended included) to come be at my house when I arrive (typical happens every time). The next is strange but routine for my mother, my dads mom will then give me a hug and tell me what a beautiful young lady I have grown into. THEN on CUE as if robotic, my mom chimes in "it doesn't matter what she looks like on the outside, but on the inside", ALRIGHT KATHY I am 21 years old, I know I need to have a good personality also, but let the grandma say her grandma line and let her be. I feel like I may have a slight problem with this, she has annoyed me the past 21 years about it, that when I have kids and people tell them they are pretty I am going to be like "ya they are aren't they, you tell them they are pretty". Ha Ha poor Kathy, always gets teased and I don't even think she realizes saying it anymore.

Do you ever feel like you are a mean person? ya me either. Yet my roommates always tell me that I am mean to my boyfriend, now let me tell you why they think this. I have ALWAYS been stubborn and a little bossy. But that was not something that came over night, it was how I was born, I am very opinionated, and if you do something I don't like I will tell you. So last night I was told that I was mean, because Zach had made some comment (a boy comment if you know what I mean, one that was not thoroughly thought out, just came out as if it had been the lines from some awful brain cell killing guy movie) and I rolled my eyes. Poor Zach, he is such an amazing guy but sometimes his testosterone takes over his mouth and pointless stuff just comes out. But he loves me all the same, I always say.. Zach knew who I am and who I have always been, and fell in love with those traits.

Now another issue I need to touch on just cause I can on this blog::: John and Kate plus 8, MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Yet I am bothered beyond belief when people talk to me about it and explain that Kate DESERVED to be cheated on, PLEASE... I am pretty sure I was speechless and blinked a whole lot, trying to process this deserving to be cheat on. In MY opinion, no one DESERVES to be cheated on, I don't care if they are the meanest person on this planet, if you don't like how your significant other treats you seek counseling OR get separated. I do NOT believe in cheating.

Anyways enough about my tangents, I think this blog is going to ruin any chance I've ever had of running for office, I know this will haunt me, and when I am running they are going to print out this exact entry and say I neglected the children by rushing them to bed so I could play with there toys, or that I emotionally abuse my boyfriend and definitely sexest with my making fun of guys. GRR oh well. I guess I will have to give up my president dreams or my blog, and well... this is way too much fun!!

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  1. Katie I'm in love with your blog!! I'm so excited you joined the blogging world... welcome to your new obsession :-) You now have a faithful fellow blogging follower. I'll be checking regularly to see the new adventures in your life. I'm so glad we're back in touch... what a blessing :-)