Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Everyone,
This is the first time I have ever even considered doing a blog. But after reading my long time friend Emilys, I thought what an amazing way to get things off your chest, and have your own diary, so to me I am going to treat this as a personal journal. Not a place to be judged but a place for me to write down my day to day problems and amazing things that occur.
A little recap on my life: I am 21 years old and live in Jacksonville FL where I am a student at Jacksonville University. I am a Marketing Major and can NOT wait to graduate this upcoming May.
My best friend is my mom, and I tell her everything and anything, though it becomes often tough because of our 4 hour distance for the past 3 years, I feel that distance has only made us appreciate our relationship more (Geez sounds like im dating her). Speaking of, after kissing many warty frogs I have finally found the guy I am going to marry. His name is Zach Hosford, and we met at college and have been dating the past year and a half. Its very strange the way you can just tell when you have met the "one" it was like nothing before, and I instantly knew. Ya, sounds very corny I agree, point of the story is that I have found the man I am going to marry and I wish our type of relationship on everyone and anyone.
I went to astronomy (my summer class) hungover, due to a out of control small get together at my apt that included way to much sangria. And now I am annoyed lying in my bed waiting anxiously for the guests that my roomate invited over that seem to have moved in for the past week, so my roomate (Jill) and I can get going on our astronomy project. But that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. So it looks as though I will be doing this project, which is truly not big deal, because I have unbelievable ADD and control problems so, if it isnt done to its fullest ability and the "best" then I will end up re-doing it anyways. But I am complaining an awful lot for my first ever blog. So on brighter news I am SO so SO excited to go home this coming Sunday, I havent seen my parents in 2 months and it is starting to make me home sick.
Do you know what I have been wondering? at what point do you age? for instance I think I look the exact same as when I was 16 yet 16 yearolds look at me and think that I am in my twentys. Isnt that weird, maybe because you look at yourself over and over and over again in the mirror, yet you can tell when you have gained the slightest amount of weight yet I can never tell that my actual face is maturing.
Right now, I live in a cute 3 story townhouse with my roomate Jill. Now these were supposed to be "temporary" plans for the summer, and I wanted to move into a cute little one bedroom right down the street. Yet, Kathy and Don think that living by myself is not a good idea, so they A-OKed Zach and I living together for my senior year, due to the fact that he is intending on proposing within the year. Yet, Zachs parents think differently, they think it is ok to live together once we are officially engaged. So until then, I guess I am homeless. Just Kidding, but I will be living in this very noisy never ending party that I call a home until then. So pray for me, and my never sleeping nights that lie ahead.
That is all for now, I need to start this stupid project

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