Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon divorces Kate and the 8

Yes, I am very biased of this situation. Last night, when Jon announced he and wife of ten years Kate were divorcing, I was "OK" with the situation.. UNTIL... Kate was clearly torn up about the situation I am pretty sure she said that it is "not what she wanted", and she doesn't want to be alone, as she chocked back tears.. Then they went back to Jon, as he said he was "excited" for this new phase in his life..

NOW A. If my husband of ten years was caught cheating on me, or acting in "inappropriate ways" then he would definitely be the one kissing my butt, because we would need extensive therapy to fix that and he may be running for his life, because my dad would be the real one he would have to face. Not to mention Jon is the one ANGRY with Katie, he isn't kissing any butt his solution to this problem (marriage) is to run away.

As a Christian women, completely against divorce and infidelity it took a lot for me to not want to jump straight through the television and ring his neck to regain some sense. Now I am not saying Kate is a saint (I don't even know the women), but like I said before I do know NO one deserves to be cheated on and then left.

As Emily said to me last night "what an awful example of a Christian marriage"

Off my soap box about them for now! Sorry to you all, that are reading me vent about strangers.

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  1. I agree!! Mariage is not all rainbows and puppy dogs, it takes hard work, dedication, and faith in the Lord. The solution is not to bail out and run away. I think we all have this false sense that being "in love" is some kind of feeling, when really love is a choice. In a mariage you choose to get up and love that persona EVERYDAY! You may not always feel it. I'm saddened for Jon and Kate, lets all lift them up in prayer!!