Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jersey People.. BEWARE

Oh My!! Well since my lovely friend Emily, made a whole blog about me, I thought I should start this one with a little shout out to her. Even though I think she is the only one reading this.
Emily, is one of those friends that once you talk with them, your whole day is better. I hung up the phone after going 4 years without talking to her yesterday and told everyone about her (my boyfriend, my roommate, and my mom). Do you ever have one of those friends that you feel blessed to have, well that's my Emily. She not only understands and loves my weird personality but we like she said in her blog understand each other, even when I don't think anyone could possibly understand there she is. Not to mention she is such a huge supporter and has never ending advice and love for everyone. The way she talks about her niece and nephew makes me wish that my brothers would have kids, so I could experience that (but any product of Brad or Steven wouldn't be a good thing, unless they married saints). So Emily since I know you will be reading this eventually I braided my hair last night to attempt to have your sisters hair and AH! never again, it was not successful not in the least bit.

Caution::: New Jersey lovers beware::
This is not really fair to say but I have always had something against New Jersey, now I don't know why it is, my two best friends are from NJ one is my roommate. But I think its there out there personalities and there threatening and always on the defense that really turns me away, and makes me think not so highly of them. Well I don't know if I'm wording this accordingly, I guess what I mean to say is they are not very rational. FOR INSTANCES:: my new addiction is Housewives of New Jersey, and first the crazy lady has a book about her a not so good history book about her may I add, and secondly the pretty brunette who is an amazing mother on the show, FLIPS the table. And the nephew says "hey if you haven't flipped a table, you ain't from Jersey." Now I watched this with my roommate, and she found this completely normal, I am pretty sure she compared these people to friends of hers and there parents. I think it must be in the water or something, but us southern people do not flip tables, in restaurants or in our own private homes for that matter.
P.s. if my roommate found out I "blogged" about her she would prob flip the table and go Jersey crazy on me, so lets keep it on the DL.
**Now I really can't run for office, none of Jersey would vote for me, I guess I am prejudice against Jersey.

So I had a personal dilemma today while I was nannying, CAUTION THIS IS GOING TO BE WAY TMI. I am on my period, or "time of month" and I underestimated my flow, now I started to panic due to my lack of supplies in my purse. So I rummaged through the lady I work withs bathroom searching high and low for a tampon. Thank goodness I found one. Yet when I called my mom with that dilemma she was ultimately disgusted that I had "stolen" a tampon from the lady I work with, and she said she prayed that the family didn't have a "nanny cam" yet I seriously don't think anything of it, and when I look back at it, I would have done it over again. WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO IN THAT CASE OF EMERGENCY??

Back to TV shows, I cried hysterically on the MTV show "hitched or ditched" the guys NEW JERSEY family did not want there 28 year old son to grow up, so they forbid him from marrying his long time girlfriend. He had convinced her that he was going to chose her, and they continue with the wedding plans, to only get to the alter where he tells her in front of everyone that he doesn't want to go through with it. HOW AWFUL.. again Jersey people. (ha ha this is all out of my weird sense of humor)

So the cat is out of the bag... Zach knows about my blog, he read it and officially thinks I am weirder than he thought. Today after work we went on a date day (a day we have once a week, to make time for each other during our busy schedules) and we went and saw "the proposal" it was SO cute. I cant even get over how cute it is. RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE.

I was re-reading this, and I feel like I am talking to myself, or that my thoughts had just written a blog, and am often very surprised at even what I say. If I didn't need therapy before I may now, "hey Katie, how are you?" "good how are you" "good sounds like we had a busy day" YA I definitely need to see someone. Ha Ha.

Every time I end this I think of something else I wanted to write about, so I may be back tonight, go see the PROPOSAL.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, that was very sweet!! Ok so I'm a reality TV junky as well and of course I am obsessed with all the "Real Houswives" series... especially New Jersy! I could talk about those women for hours hee hee.
    On another note, I too saw the Proposal last night with my mom and sister..... I LOVED it! Best chick flick I've seen in a long time. I laughed my butt off. Hope you had fun seeing it as well. Have a wonderful day. Talk to ya later :-)